Monday, June 22, 2009

why is love the way it is?

sometimes i dont understand the thing all creatures have as a goal in life, finding love. Oh why is it so hard to find? and yet the oppurtunities for it are right in front of you. When you think you found it, so many questions within begin to arise. the feeling of insecurity holds a barrier wall in front of you, but holding that person in ur arms makes u feel at ease and forget the world. Moments spent together are worth more than diamond engraved gold, and no matter what itll be something no one or anything can take away, for it lies in ur heart forever. So why do endings happen? where does the love u had for each other go? how do u make it stay? Its all a phenomenom, at one point your in love and the other your not anymore. Its almost as if love was a jailcell and the world is the prison, and you try to make it out of there together in harmony or if not break free and be happy, on your own again, just to go back to the begining in search of that special someone. love is something difficult to understand, even harder to see especially if ones blinded by the lovable sex. So how do u figure out whats love and why it is what it is? maybe the heartbreaks makes u wiser and show more appreciation. But in the end, we should learn from our previous generations and gain knowledge so we can pass on the knowledge to our Children. Because in reality Love is the heart and foundation of Life. There would be no Life without Love.